Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy

Dr. Jerome Rerucha demonstrates clinical applications using Vibration Therapy. Vibeplate is available at

Vibration Therapy
  • Introduction to Vibeplate: Vibration Therapy Platform

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha introduces the Vibeplate vibration platform and explains why it is so essential to your clinical practice. Vibeplate platforms are available at

  • Pelvic Improvement Exercises Using Vibeplate

    6 items

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha demonstrates Pelvic Improvement Exercises using the VIbeplate. Vibeplate and other strength and rehab products are available at

  • Differences in the Vibration Therapy Market

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha discusses why Vibeplate is superior to any other vibration therapy platform. Vibeplate is available at

  • Immune Enhancement: Using Vibeplate

    Dr. Jerome demonstrates protocols to increase immune enhancement using Vibeplate.
    Want to learn more about Vibeplate? Go to

  • Clinical Exercises for The Pelvis

    4 items

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha demonstrates common clinical exercises for the pelvis.
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  • Benefits of Vibeplate

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha explains the many benefits of the Vibeplate vibration platform. Vibeplate is available at