Treating Back Pain

Treating Back Pain

Dr. Jerome shows techniques for treating back pain. Learn more at

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Treating Back Pain
  • Adjusting Techniques Using the ErgoStyle™ FX Table - Occiput

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha discusses adjusting techniques using the Pivotal ErgoStyle™ FX – ES5820 Flexion Table. Performancepractic is an authorized distributor of Pivotal Health Solutions Chiropractic, Massage, and Athletic Training Tables. Licensed FIT® doctors can receive an automatic 5% discount o...

  • Anterior Lumbar Adjustment

    Dr. Jerome demonstrates his "ninja" Anterior Lumbar Adjustment technique.

  • Why Does My Back Still Hurt - X-Ray Analysis & Clinical Pearls

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha shares clinical pearls about x-ray analysis.

  • Laser Essentials - Chapter 6 - Low Back

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha teaches how to use low level laser therapy to treat the low back.

    Find more resources and training at
    * A-Z Laser Protocol Manuals (Online & Print Versions)
    * A-Z Meridian Manual
    * LLLT Patient Education Videos (Display on your website, soc...

  • Violet Laser Essentials - Chapter 8 - Low Back

    Dr. Jerome Rerucha demonstrates how to use low level laser therapy to treat the low back.

    The following Training & Tools can be found at These are a perfect companion to the lessons in this video.
    * EVRL/GVL/Base Station Laser Protocol Manual (Online & Print ...